DKNY Ladies Watches

DKNY Ladies Watch

A selection of the most popular DKNY ladies watches from just 69.

DKNY Mens Watches

DKNY Mens Watch

DKNY Mens watches. A great selection of gents watches here.

About This Site

This site is dedicated to finding the best deals on DKNY watches for women and men. Currently, many of the best deals in the UK are from Goldsmith's, which is our recommended provider. The site is not a retail site but you can buy the watches displayed here by simply following the links to the retailers providing the cheapest deals on DKNY watches.

Watch Types

Currently, DKNY watches are extremely popular with women. For this reason, there is a much larger selection avalable in the ladies category. These include silver, gold plated, steel and leather strap watches. There are many different styles to choose from, including bangle and bracelet watches, chronograph watches, crystal and diamond set watches, charm style and crossover watches. The gents selection is much smaller but features some very stylish leather strap watches from DKNY.